a journal entry: 28 april 2009

still at the changes2 workshop. it’s going alright but it seems to be dragging out a lot these last few days.

brittany is back from vacation. she had a crazy but fun time. when i saw her, she looked like she had relaxed, a LOT! so i’m feeling a lot more comfortable with the idea that she’ll be ok.

josh left to take chris back to the airport to go back to america-land. it was really nice having him here. it was a taste of america. and it made me REALLY excited for my parents to come! only 2 weeks! it’s really REALLY exciting!

so i realized yesterday that i totally forgot about the memorial service in my village. totally spaced it off. i didn’t even remember. kim and i were walking out of the gate on monday morning when i said to her ‘holy shit! was yesterday sunday the 26th?’ yeah. it was. i forgot about the memorial service. so hopefully, no one important was actually there. i doubt it.

so i blogged about the issue of teenage pregnancy and teachers being responsible. i found this in the re-entry policy book. i won’t rewrite my blog in here, but i was a bit nervous about posting it because it was a bit negative. my blog posts are usually positive and fun and light. this one is negative and i kinda ‘went off.’ but i seriously feel i should be posting about ALL my experiences and not just the good ones. but i did feel better about it and hopefully people back home will respond.

kim might change her flight to a few days earlier so we can fly back home together! all the way to minneapolis! i hope she can change it because that would be a TON of fun!!

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