best indian snack food

hands down, the best indian snack food is wada pav! if you don’t know what this is, i’ll explain.

wada pav is a spicy potato vegetable mix that is formed into patties. you dip that patty into a chickpea flour batter. then DEEP FRY it until it’s nice and crispy and brown on the outside. this is your ‘wada.’

you then put this in a piece of bread, the ‘pav.’ and enjoy!

wada pav

and the best thing to eat wada pav with? onion bhajia!

onion bhajia, if you don’t know what it is, is cut up onion mixed with spices and chickpea flour batter. you DEEP FRY small spoonfuls and enjoy!

this deep fried combo is my all time favorite indian snack food. i oftentimes eat it as a whole meal. 2 wada pavs and 30 rupees of onion bhajia. it’ll fill you up that is for sure!

in pune, there are 2 spots that are my favorite wada pavs.

the first is the snack shop right next to sangam world centre. they taste great, have amazing fried and salted chillies and are a 5 minute walk away from sangam.

the second best place to buy wada pav in pune is the garden wada pav stand on mg road. what makes these the second best? the green chutney that they add to the pav before they put the wada. plus, it’s a popular place, so the wada pav is always fresh and hot from the fry pan! i’ve stopped on the bike and eaten wada pav. i’ve walked to get them. i’ve even ordered through the car window. it’s a great spot and there are always tons of people around eating wada pav!

if you haven’t tried wada pav before, i highly recommend giving them a try the next time you are in india! you won’t regret it!

but remember, always make sure you are getting them from somewhere that has good preparation practices. you don’t want your wada pav to make you sick. ask a local where the best place is! they’ll always have the hot tips that the lonely planet might not! 😉

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