a mud hut tour

my mud hut is amazing.

it’s a simple little mud hut. made with dirt bricks and a grass thatch roof. it isn’t small by any means, there’s a double bed inside and it has 2 rooms. but i am allergic to all of it.

the nearest electricity is at a farmer’s place 12 miles away.

i have to bike under the power lines to get to school. it’s a daily reminder of the power imbalance in our world. he paid the government for access. and the villagers living underneath those lines can’t afford that luxury. they can barely afford dinner.

i own a small solar panel to i charge my phone with. if there isn’t sun and my phone is dead, i go to the neighbor’s. he connects my phone charger to a car battery. and i’m back in business!

there is also no running water.

i get my water from an open well. it’s close, only 50 yards from my front door. it’s like jack and jill went up the hill! and the water is clean. but i do filter my drinking water. in rainy season, i add chlorine drops, just in case.

one time, i almost fell in. the lesson? dry your soapy hands, then fetch water.

want to see my mud hut instead of read about it? well, you are in luck. i did a little video tour of my house and my porch!


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