in photos: march and april 2009

i took SO many photos when i was in zambia. some of them bring back some amazing memories. some of them are extremely random. some of them are also just plain funny! i’ve collected my favorites from march and april of 2009 to share with you here!


i found this video of the kids at my house. they usually ran around and ‘sang’ and cooked. in this video, they are doing exactly that! they are roasting shelled peanuts with the last bits of my charcoal, probably from my breakfast. and winnie, the younger one, is telling patricia, the older one, that she needs more fire. enjoy:

this is scottie mixing cake batter for his birthday. i’m a little unsure of why i didn’t make him wash his hands…

peanut season!!! the best time of year in zambia! i would make fritters (simple flour batter, fried in oil) for breakfast. me and the little kids would then go and visit everyone in the fields to deliver the extra fritters. (and we’d also get fresh groundnuts to eat!!)

glow stick party!!!!!!!!!!!

this is joy, roasting peanuts. and yes, 100% there is fire underneath that pan.

the kids are pretending that they are cows!

there was a guava tree between my house. sitemba climbed up to get guavas and we all had a great snack!

what’s your favorite pic? share in the comments below!

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