a journal entry: 23 jan 2009

this journal entry, 10 years and 1 month ago, is from the start of my toughest time in the village.

i had to move from my host family house in the village and go live at an office at the school for 3 months. why you may ask? allergies. i was on my 3rd or 4th month of having to take steroids to get my insane, out-of-control rainy season allergies under control. living in a mud hut, of which i am allergic to, was getting a bit much. so i had to move to and live in a cement brink, tin roof house until the rains stopped.

AND i found out that jacqueline, my 14 year old host sister, was pregnant.

right before i got in the truck, bawesley told me that jacqueline was 4 months pregnant. yup. my heart literally broke. i’m still so sad that this is happening to her at such a young age. and just as she is going into grade 9, the most important year in school. so after i found out, we (me and regina [peace corps volunteer leader]) left, moved my stuff to dapp where i am now living for the next 3 months (and trust me, i’m moving back to my host family).

then me, regina and josh went to crystal lodge and watched the inauguration of president obama. it was awesome! i really couldn’t believe how many people were there. i’m really excited to see what happens in the us because of this election.

then the next day i was supposed to go to livingstone for a changes2 workshop but i got sick – actually throwing up. i think it was from the food. but i didn’t go to livingstone and decided that i just wanted to get back to my village after being out for what seemed like forever (it was really only a week!).

i wanna go back home to my host family. i miss the kids and having them at my house all day. i cried last night and tonight. it’s depressing eating all alone when i could be sitting with my family and chatting and eating good food – not a warmed up can of beans (which is what i ate tonight).

and being by myself, i’ve had way too much time to think about things like jacqueline. she came to my new house today. she didn’t say anything but i felt really sad and couldn’t bring myself to talk to her about anything. so i gave her the math set that grade 9 students need and almost cried when i gave it to her. the chances are slim that she will complete grade 9, much less pass her exams. and now i won’t be able to escort her to kalomo high like she has been talking about ever since i got here.

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