a journal entry: 16 & 17 oct 2008

This is just a ‘regular’ day in the village. I’m going to write longer blog posts about a few things that I’ve mentioned in this journal entry. But until then, enjoy a little picture of village life!


16 and 17 Oct 2008

DSCI0569So back from vacation. Amazing. Got a new tattoo! It’s perfect. My welcome back to the village was watching a cobra (I saw it’s big head) slither past my front door. 2 bats living in my house. A giant beetle trying to come in. And a poisonous spider that tried to crawl up my leg. And termites have started to eat up my wall. Literally overnight. We celebrated Patricia’s 4th birthday with cupcakes. Cemented junza [my new porch]. Still no furniture. And looking forward to my birthday celebration. Got a box from Mom. It had fitted sheets (has changed my world). And SEASON 4!!!!! So tomorrow Choma here I come! (to have a meeting first.) I’m pulling an all nighter for sure!



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