a journal entry: 31 aug 2008

DSCI0723When I was a Peace Corps Volunteer, I served in Southern Province, Zambia. This usually doesn’t mean much when you tell someone where you served. BUT, if I told you it’s where Victoria Falls is, then you might have an idea of where I was. And if you can’t locate it on a map, you have probably seen pictures.

To get from my house in the village to Victoria Falls was pretty easy, in relative terms. I got a truck into town. This was anywhere from 40 minutes to 4 hours. Then it was a simple 4 hour bus ride down the paved road! Quick and easy! 😉 If any of us needed a get together or a mental health break from the village, we were usually there! And we only paid the local entry rate, so we got to see a natural wonder of the world for about 25 cents.

DH000325I’ve seen the full monsoon Zambezi roaring over the edge. I’ve swam in the Devil’s Pool, a terrifying yet amazing experience right at the top of the Falls.I’ve stood across from the Falls and gotten soaked from head to toe from the mist. I’ve hung out at the bottom watching tourists bungee jump and kayak. I even bungee jumped myself! Every time I visited, it was a completely different experience. But every time was completely breathtaking.

purple circles

IMG_000831 Aug 08: Hiked down to the Boiling Pot at Vic Falls. It was amazing! Totally worth the hike. It was hot and we didn’t have any water so that was bad but everything else was great. And we (and by ‘we’ I mean me, Deb and Karen) went to the Bridge and watched people bungee jump. Which was really cool. I can’t wait to do it on my b-day. Can’t wait!!

And I didn’t mention before I finally talked to Mom and Dad the other night in Choma. We talked for 3 hours. And it was pretty great. And it sounds like they are coming next year – with Grandma and Grandpa which is going to be AMAZING! I can wait for that either!

I wish I had my iPod – I left it in my hut…I hope! And I’m covered in mosquito bites so I’ll probably be suffering from malaria in 2 weeks. We’ll see if Doxy really works! But I like Jollyboys so much, I’ll gladly keep coming back even if it means malaria!

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