a journal entry: 3 Aug 2008

10 years ago, I was in Peace Corps in Zambia. I was living in a mud hut, no electricity, no running water, and having an amazing, challenging life changing experience. Since it’s been 10 years, I decided to randomly peek into my journals and share with you what I wrote at the time. Raw, unedited, straight from the pages!!


3 Aug 2008: A Leisurely Sunday

So I woke up at 10. Sat inside, ate leftover tapioca pudding, then finally came out because I was dying for some coffee. Then I did some laundry, listened to some music and now I’m journaling.


I’m literally the fattest person in the village. Long story short. Clinic – scale – 90 kg – announced to everyone – record weight. Yeah. Crazy. Yet another reason to lose weight and stop eating nshima!

Off to letter writing!


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