#plasticfreejuly, Shower Edition

I was in the shower a few weeks ago and had an epiphany:

Why on earth am I’m using a shower pouf made from PLASTIC!?!?!?

I have no idea! I’ve just always used one and never even thought about it being made from plastic. These plastic shower poufs are cheap and easy and one of those plastic things that I don’t actually need in my life.

So what do you use instead?

Handmade cotton scrubbies! That’s what!

I’ve been playing around with this crocheted scrubbie pattern and am really loving it. It works well for your face and your body! What’s even better? They are reusable. You can throw them in the wash with your towels and have fresh scrubbies! I can FINALLY take a shower without using plastic.

#plasticfreejuly is almost to an end, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t focus on how we use plastic in our everyday lives. We can reduce the amount of plastic we use, which will then force companies and manufacturers to rethink how they package and use plastics in the products that we buy. If we all take small steps in changing our behaviors, it will add up to a better and cleaner planet!

What small change are you going to make to reduce the plastic on our planet?

IMG_3986 5

Want your very own set of cotton scrubbies? A set of 3 is U$8 plus shipping. I’ve got loads of different color variations! So if you are interested, just send me an email!

Love it?

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