Animals… of the dead variety

If you have been a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I’ve had some very interesting encounters with animals. Well lately I’ve been having some crazy encounters with some dead ones.

The first…
Me, Anna, and Julie had a lot of time off before this event and so no one was in our programme room for a few days. The day we all got back, something was a little off but we just assumed that it was all the paint and turpentine that we hadn’t put away from our last event. So we cleaned up and thought that the smell would go away. The next day the smell was still there and was getting a little worse but I was the only one working in the programme room and I thought that Bunty was outside and continued with my work since the smell wasn’t unbearable. (Sidenote on why I thought Bunty was the cause of the problem. About a month ago Bunty was hit by a rickshaw or car (we aren’t sure exactly what) and hurt his leg really badly. He is on the mend but his wound is open so the boys have to put this nasty smelling spray stuff on it a lot to keep it clean and to keep Bunty from licking it all the time. The spray makes Bunty smell really bad and Bunty likes to sit outside our programme room underneath the window and you can smell him when he is there.) So the next morning we all walked in and the smell was horrendous and since Bunty wasn’t outside our programme room we immediately knew that we had a dead something on our hands. So we started looking around and in everything and figured that it was coming from somewhere around my desk. After a little more looking we found a dead and decaying gecko caught between the wall and the filing cabinet next to my desk. And this is how gross it was. I took one look and couldn’t even look at it again. (And you know me, I’ll look at anything gross and gooey. I couldn’t even take a picture of it, it was that gross.) So lesson learned, dead geckos are the smelliest thing I have ever smelled in my entire life.

The second…
Again if you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that we live upstairs with some batty friends. They like to sleep on the curtain that we have hanging in our hallway during the day and come out to fly around and eat mosquitoes at night. Well Anna woke up in her room the other day and noticed what she thought was a leaf on the top of her cabinet. (I’m not sure why on earth she thought a leaf could have gotten up there but that is what she thought it was and she didn’t think anything of it.) We had a busy day that day and so after we got finished with work and headed back upstairs she went to get rid of it. Climbed up on her chair to take it down and discovered that it was a dead bat. I have a picture that I will post tomorrow of the dead bat, that does kinda look like a leaf, on the top of her cabinet. I have to give it to the bat, he died in a pretty good spot. He had a nice view of Anna’s entire room. Anna was a little creeped out at the fact that the bat had obviously been flying around her room while she was asleep, which I guess is kinda creepy.

The third…
Ok, the third isn’t about any dead animals but it does involve tiny little biting ants. Today I took a group of participants to Mobile Creche, which is a Sangam Community Partner. Mobile Creche sets up creches (like a daycare) at construction sites so the children of the construction workers can go to school and not be left alone on the oftentimes dangerous construction sites. So the mobile creche is set up in what will one day be someone’s very nice apartment. So right now it is unfinished but the construction company supplies running water and electricity and the kids and teachers do a very good job at decorating with all sorts of bright and colorful teaching aides. So while we were there hanging out and playing with the kids I noticed a tiny littel ant on my foot but it didn’t hurt so I just brushed it off of me and went on with things. Well that little ant must have had some friends because after a while my legs started to itch, I looked down and they were covered in ant bites that were quickly swelling up. Leave it to me to get a severe allergic reaction to tiny ant bites. So we left Mobile Creche while I was desperately trying not to scratch the hell out of my legs. By the time we got back to Sangam (Mobile Creche is only a 5 minutes walk away) my bites were still getting worse. I had to take a double dose of my allergy medicine, sudafed, and my asthma medicine and took a shower to wash it all off. Then I practically took a bath in my anti-itch creme to make the itching stop. (I knew there was a reason that I brought 2 tubes with me!) After 45 minutes or so, my medincine kicked in and I started to feel better. So I walked around the rest of the day carrying my ant-itch creme and inhaler with me. I don’t have a picture of my bites because they itched so badly when I got back to Sangam I immediately got in the shower and wasn’t thinking about having proof for my blog. (yes, they were THAT itchy!) They are still a little red but not as impressive as they were. No one else in my group got any bites. (Or if they did, they didn’t have a severe allergic reaction!)

So other than all the dead animals and allergic reactions, my last event here at Sangam is going really well. I can’t believe that in less than a month I will be back in South Dakota. It seems like I just got here. Hope everyone is having a good back-to-school season!

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