Shop Rite

3 days in Ghana and I've stepped back into the surreal world of Africa! The training centre where we are staying is absolutely fantastic. They are just finishing up the upgrade and the place is new and clean and very comfortable. I have my own room and my own bathroom! The first day, no electricity. … Continue reading Shop Rite

Of Mice and Monsoons

So for the last week the monsoon has really picked up. Because of that, a lot of new friends have been moving up onto the property from the back field. The snake catcher has been coming almost every other day to come and take away snakes. He came today to search the property for a … Continue reading Of Mice and Monsoons

It has to be official!

And it is, the monsoon has started. It got a weak start early in the week but is in full force now. It storms every afternoon, and it is actually storming right now. We have been without power on and off for the last few days. Luckily, we have a generator here so we have … Continue reading It has to be official!