a journal entry: 4 july 2009

back home in america for the 4th of july!

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a journal entry: 16 & 17 oct 2008

This is just a ‘regular’ day in the village. I’m going to write longer blog posts about a few things that I’ve mentioned in this journal entry. But until then, enjoy a little picture of village life!

16 and 17 Oct 2008

So back from vacation. Amazing. Got a new tattoo! It’s perfect. My welcome back to the village was watching a cobra (I saw it’s big head) slither past my front door. 2 bats living in my house. A giant beetle trying to come in. And a poisonous spider that tried to crawl up my leg. And termites have started to eat up my wall. Literally overnight. We celebrated Patricia’s 4th birthday with cupcakes. Cemented junza [my new porch]. Still no furniture. And looking forward to my birthday celebration. Got a box from Mom. It had fitted sheets (has changed my world). And SEASON 4!!!!! So tomorrow Choma here I come! (to have a meeting first.) I’m pulling an all nighter for sure!

a journal entry: 10 and 11 oct 2008

This time 10 years ago, I was on an incredible vacation to South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

While on this trip, it really made me realize how small my life in the Zambian village had gotten. I had no place to go out for good coffee. I had no movie theatres to go to. I had no fast food to grab if I didn’t feel like cooking. But all of this happened and I didn’t even realize.

UNTIL I had a slice of vacation life and remembered how great and amazing convenience can be! Next time you enjoy a little convenience in your life, take a moment to be thankful for it.

Enjoy what I was doing on 10 and 11 October 2008!

10 Oct 2008

So yesterday I went to see the X-Files, The Mummy and Zohan. It was a FAB day at the movies. Really. It made me miss home. And pop culture.

We drove a ways up the Skeleton Coast. Saw a few ship wrecks. And desert. And some seals. And some seal bones. Came back. Deb and I bought a 6 pack, snuck it in (no outside alcohol allowed!), drank, ate pizza and played uno. Then we went out dancing. It was fun! Until we went to the second place. It was lame so we went back to the room and went to bed.

11 Oct 2008: TODAY!

Drove down to Walvis Bay to see pelicans, flamingos and sand! We went to play on the famous dune 7. It was HUGE! I made it halfway up before I gave up on going all the way up. And all day long I drank coffee! It was also fabulous. I’m going to miss real coffee when I go back to Zambia for sure! (But I did buy some from Mugg&Bean!)

What else today? I bought a cool bracelet from the bay from traditional tribal ladies. They were really nice. And they had the cutest kids! (Always a good selling tactic in my book!)\