It’s Almost Here!

Another trip into the world of malaria. And today, finally, just 8 days before I reach a malarial area, I'm back on the anti-malarial medication. I've been awful at remembering that I should go and buy it. I would remember in the morning and forget by the time I was done with work at the … Continue reading It’s Almost Here!

World Malaria Day

Today is World Malaria Day. Some statistics say that over 90% of malaria cases happen in Africa but it looks like malaria deaths are decreasing. Good news, but can the world really achieve the Millennium Development Goal of having 'near-zero' deaths due to malaria by 2015? Most people living in developing countries don't know when … Continue reading World Malaria Day

Black Water Fever: My good story to tell

When I lived in India I quit taking my malaria prophylaxis. We had it good. Everything would get sprayed once a week and I slept in my mosquito net every night. Wait. I take that back. Sometimes on the really hot nights I would flip the net off of the bed because I thought somehow … Continue reading Black Water Fever: My good story to tell