This is why I find Social Media Challenging

I wasn’t on social media for a very long time. I always did it for work, so started to see a very different side of the social media cog. Since I’ve been trying to build my online presence to job search and get consulting gigs, I’ve created all of my profiles again. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. But I’ve still really been struggling with having to use social media, even for the greater good of my business.


When I scroll through a timeline, I see pictures of friends, family and Guides/Scouts around the world. In all of these pictures, everyone is smiling. They are positive about life and themselves and what they are doing. They are presenting their best selves. I’m not feeling any of this at the moment. Life is hard and I’m not always smiling or happy or living my best life. But you never see this on social media. You never see this pop up in your timeline.

We don’t look at nature through our own eyes anymore, to experience the road less travelled. We are looking at it to figure out the best Insta shot we can get. We don’t go out to eat without first making our table look amazing and then taking a ton of pictures so we can get 1 good Insta post. People aren’t even looking at each other in public. Everyone has their faces on their phones, trying to see what others are posting, when they could just look up and see for themselves!

We find ourselves living in a curated world. Nothing is as it seems. I’ve managed enough social media channels over the years to know that I can edit pictures to make them look better. I can write content that is flowery and makes people want to take action. I know how to present the best possible picture. And most of us do this now, without even realizing it. Think about what your last social media post was, why did you post? Did you achieve your goal?

This is why I struggle with social media.

Is this anyway to live life? Do we want a curated version of ourselves? Or do we want us, all the bumps, blemishes and bad moods? Are you presenting what you want on social media? Or are you presenting what other people want?

Before you post next, stop and think about why you might be posting. Do you want to change your post? Do you have the courage to?

A few things happen

I’ve discovered that a few things happen to me when I am in Africa.

1. My tan comes back.

I don’t know when, but apparently I’ve been in the sun long enough for a bit of my tan to come back. The only reason I can tell is that I have a white band around my wrist from where my headbands are kept. But maybe I’m not scrubbing all the dirt off when I shower.

2. The calluses reappear on the top of my feet.

I sit on the floor in India. I sit on the floor everywhere actually. But for some reason, the calluses that I have on the tops of my feet have reappeared with a vengeance.  I’ll have to go back to India and scrub them away quickly before I go to America.

3. My hair falls out so much that I get a bit worried about losing all of my hair.

I’m losing my hair at an alarming rate. This happened to me while I lived in Zambia and it has started again here in Ghana. I looked down at the floor around me and there is long pink hair EVERYWHERE!!! I’m the only one with long and pink hair here, so obviously it is mine.

But all in all, I’m having a pretty good time. Today we went out on a visit to STAR-Ghana that gives money to CBOs (Community Based Organizations) and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations). We also visited an organization called Gender Centre that was started by a group of women lawyers and works on empowering women to stop the violence. They had 2 interns from Canada and a VSO volunteer there. The group is doing amazing work and really shared a lot about how they go about fund raising and applying for grant money with the participants in the event. I chatted really briefly with the 2 Canadian interns while everyone was getting on the bus. If only we had more time, I could have fully explained the Stop the Violence campaign!! I only had time to tell them to check out the website and give them my business card!!!!