a journal entry: 17 august 2009

today the french press died and i (well, had) no reason to live. until i texted brittany and she said that i could have her’s. i owe her my life. only someone with a serious coffee addiction would cry over a broken french press (which i did!). so i ended up that joy of all people broke it. on accident. it was the worse sound i think i have ever heard in my whole entire life. and it’s not just cracked but broken. beyond repair. but for some reason i can’t even throw it down the pit latrine. it’s sitting on my table just looking sad and lonely and broken. needless to say, i had quite the day, all before noon.

so as soon as that happened, i decided i needed to get to town. and as soon as possible. so i’m getting the hell outta dodge tomorrow. i knew i should have left today but i wanted to try and stay here a long time. well screw that. next time i get that feeling, i’m outta here.

no goats for sale anywhere around here. which is unfortunate cause i just want some meat! but sandra found pig meat at mr. ny’onge’s place. so at least one part of the day is going to be ok. here’s to not getting worms!

the lions must be gone because i haven’t heard one thing about them since that day on the radio. which is too bad but i guess good for people. just bad for my entertainment levels.

well the frogs are back. bawesley says it will probably rain some time next month. then the rains will start in november. maybe even october. i just hope i don’t get sick and sent home early. i’m seeing this thing to the end!

alright. i think i might have a plan. so i’m going to stop stressing about what i’m going to do after peace corps. i should still be enjoying my experience and not looking to what is next. plus i want to relax and de-stress from zambia. then i can figure what i want from life. or what to do next, at least. i was just thinking that maybe i should at least apply for 3rd year in another country. just to see where it would get me. i would get to go home for a while in-between. i’m not sure. i wish someone would just tell me what to do. too bad it isn’t all that easy.

the other day we had the worst (and i mean WORST) relish ever! some weed named black jack, and it tasted like you would imagine a weed would taste like. it was terrible. so i choked it down. joy took one bite and started yelling that he wanted chicken!

joy ignored me the whole day. he knew i was mad he broke my french press. he came back to my house after i was mostly finished crying and i told him to go outside. then he stood on the outside of my porch and just looked sad. then shimbi came and got him. and he didn’t come back all day. but i told everyone that i had a bad day and that my french press broke. so i don’t feel like i have to hide it. but i still can’t bring myself to chuck it down the pit latrine. where things go that i don’t want to see again. it’s just too sad.

guinea fowl roosting for the night

we had 3 nice days of weather but now we are back to the cold. i wanted to immediately switch to hot season! i busted out a tank top and everything. the incessant wind was gone and it was actually hot in the sun. i hate the crazy annoying wind of cold season. you can’t cook without dirt getting in your food. no matter where you cook or how hard you try. but it’s my last cold season in zam-land so i only have to suffer a few more weeks!

sandra and i are going to town tomorrow. i like going to town with sandra cause then i have someone to talk to when i walk to the mission. and someone to wait with! and i’m finally excited to go to town! yesss!!!!

oh and the pig meat was DELICIOUS!

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a journal entry: 10 and 11 oct 2008

This time 10 years ago, I was on an incredible vacation to South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

While on this trip, it really made me realize how small my life in the Zambian village had gotten. I had no place to go out for good coffee. I had no movie theatres to go to. I had no fast food to grab if I didn’t feel like cooking. But all of this happened and I didn’t even realize.

UNTIL I had a slice of vacation life and remembered how great and amazing convenience can be! Next time you enjoy a little convenience in your life, take a moment to be thankful for it.

Enjoy what I was doing on 10 and 11 October 2008!

10 Oct 2008

So yesterday I went to see the X-Files, The Mummy and Zohan. It was a FAB day at the movies. Really. It made me miss home. And pop culture.

We drove a ways up the Skeleton Coast. Saw a few ship wrecks. And desert. And some seals. And some seal bones. Came back. Deb and I bought a 6 pack, snuck it in (no outside alcohol allowed!), drank, ate pizza and played uno. Then we went out dancing. It was fun! Until we went to the second place. It was lame so we went back to the room and went to bed.

11 Oct 2008: TODAY!

Drove down to Walvis Bay to see pelicans, flamingos and sand! We went to play on the famous dune 7. It was HUGE! I made it halfway up before I gave up on going all the way up. And all day long I drank coffee! It was also fabulous. I’m going to miss real coffee when I go back to Zambia for sure! (But I did buy some from Mugg&Bean!)

What else today? I bought a cool bracelet from the bay from traditional tribal ladies. They were really nice. And they had the cutest kids! (Always a good selling tactic in my book!)\


It has been 6 days since I drank coffee.
David Sedaris talked about quitting smoking in his last book. I remember he wrote that the first transoceanic flight he took after he quit, he didn’t know what to do when he landed. He would always rush out of the airport to smoke. When he didn’t have (or get) to do that, flying was a bit anti-climatic.
Every morning is anti-climatic for me. I don’t know what to do with myself. I wake up and nothing. (Coffee was my reason to get up 7 days ago, and all the days before that.) So I lay in bed, watching a movie, until I really have to get up to get dressed and go to work.
When I was drinking coffee, it never messed with my sleeping patterns. I could drink coffee in the morning, take an afternoon nap, and go to bed at 10pm. Yesterday I went to bed at 9pm and slept solid until 8am. If anything, coffee was keeping my sleeping habits closer to what is deemed socially acceptable.
I’m sure if I looked up symptoms of addiction, my coffee drinking would be classified as one. It is why I don’t look it up AND why I’m fasting from all forms of caffeine for these 9 days. I’m proving that I can quit anytime I want (oh wait…). It isn’t like it is bad for me (Oh no…). It’s not illegal, Starbucks are everywhere (Oh Crap…). I’m going to stop typing now, my excuses are not helping.
So far, the only positive thing about this whole experiment is that my liver and kidneys are probably very happy with me right now. (Did I mention no alcohol as well?) I’ve been drinking water non-stop since I started my fast on Friday.
Coffee keeps me sane. It reminds me of home. It reminds me of the village. It is my coping crutch. Now, let’s see what happens without it…

It’s The End of The World as I Know it!

August in the village has been pretty slow. Why you ask? Well, school is closed for the holiday and I have no big projects to work on until school starts. What have you been up to? Well, that is why I’m blogging.

For the first week of August I sat at my house, read books, and drank coffee. It was great! Until my world as I knew it came crashing to an end. Well not so much crashing as breaking. I’ll start from the real beginning, when I came to Zambia.

If you have ever met me, you know that I love coffee. I came to Zambia with a french press in my carry on (so it wouldn’t get broken) and 3 bags of starbucks to get me through the first few months. I drink it all day long, even in Zambia, which is very expensive considering I have to have my mom constantly send me starbucks coffee grounds. Drinking coffee keeps me sane. It keeps me connected to America-land and my old habits. It gives me something to do. The whole time I have been here, I have had coffee everyday except one-I was so sick that I couldn’t drink anything. I just love coffee! Ever since I came, I have said that if anything happens to my french press, I’ll just go home. I am that connected to my coffee drinking.

And then it happened. My french press broke.

Joy, my little brother, was pretending he was a cow at my house and accidentally knocked it over. And it broke. Beyond repair broke. Not just cracked, but broke. As soon as it happened, I knew it was broken. It was the worst sound that I have ever heard. I knew before I looked at it, it was broken. All the kids that were at my house immediately told me that they were “sorry, sorry.” I sent them all home so I could cry by myself. I cried for a little bit, texted 2 of my friends so at least some one could feel sorry for me, and then Joy came back to my house. And even though he is only a year and a half, he could tell I was mad. I told him to go back home. So he went outside and stood just outside my door, hoping that I would be happy again. He soon gave up and went back home and didn’t come back the rest of the day. After a few hours, I was ok with my french press being broken. But I still can’t bear throwing it down the pit latrine (where all things glass and un-burnable go). It is sitting, broken and sad looking, on my table.

And as fast as it happened, it was fixed. One of my friends that I texted, Brittany (appleninjas.blogspot.com), texted me back right away and told me I could use hers until I finish. She has saved my life more than she will ever know. And things are right with the world again! (And I have forgiven Joy, even though it was just an accident, and he is back to being happy again!)

Now I’m hanging out in town, waiting for my blisters to heal (that was another August adventure. Long story short, I tried to wear shoes sans socks, got blisters, they got infected, now i’m on antibiotics and waiting for them to heal) and getting ready for school to start next month!

More later!

PS: I’m not leaving Zambia just because my French press broke. Thanks Brittany!