i got a little annoyed with the guy at the grocery store check out.

see, i’m trying to be more conscious about the waste that i generate, especially in regards to plastic. i was shopping at the grocery store and bought a little bunch of cilantro. when i got to the check out, he put it in a plastic bag! why does my little bunch of cilantro need a plastic bag! i brought my own bags, i don’t want plastic!

we then got into a whole conversation about why i don’t want plastic. he said, ‘but things won’t change until everyone in america does it. and that won’t happen.’ yes, he has a point. BUT i’m not going to use plastic just because change seems impossible. we had a positive conversation, even though i was a bit angry about the plastic in the beginning.

i came home and told dad. he said they’ll probably call me the crazy plastic bag person now. and ya know what? that’s fine! because that means that they are talking about plastic!! a few days later, dad went and bought new socks. he didn’t use a plastic bag. he just carried them out.

so my crazy ramblings worked on 1 person. 😎

are you trying to reduce your plastic? what tips and tricks have you discovered? share in the comments below!

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