my work

Here are examples of work I have done for other people, companies and organizations. It isn’t an extensive list, so if you would like more information, additional examples or have any questions, send me an email!

  • Streamlined website layout and helped create website content
  • Created and supported back-end operations for launch of business
    • Setup Paypal Here
    • Created a spreadsheet booking system to manage bookings
  • Responsible for social media asset creation
  • Updating website content as needed
  • Setup social media page and initial content
  • Created event assets for promotion
  • Supported operations during 2018 event
  • Supported operations during 2020 event
raising your vibration
  • Created fliers for upcoming workshops
  • Created 41 page workshop booklet
No Nasties - Organic Fairtrade Vegan Cotton Clothing Brand

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