carefree consulting

carefree consulting aims to reduce stress that many small business owners feel when they are starting or growing their business.

Making things work efficiently reduces your stress and makes your job easier.

carefree consulting can:

  • Manage back-end operations for daily business activities or events
  • Support your work with virtual assistant services
  • Update and streamline content on your website or in documents
  • Write exciting and engaging blog posts
  • Create marketing campaigns or plans and manage your social media accounts

Business is a balancing act. When you are starting, or expanding, your business, things can get busy. There are a lot of pulls on your attention and the balancing act can start to wobble.

While things may be wobbling, everyday business tasks still need to be done. You may be feeling overwhelmed and the smallest tasks may start to seem like they are way too big to achieve.

Another pair of hands can be the perfect way to get the balancing act back in alignment.

I’m a well-rounded operations professional with over 10 years of international, cross-cultural experience with both non-profits and small businesses. I’m comfortable working virtually and across time zones. And I love making things efficient!

“Christa was able to do things for me that I was unable to do myself. But also when I could have done them myself, she did them which meant I could fully focus on service delivery. Her assistance was critical to the successful launch and continued operation of my business. I recommend her services whole heartedly.”

– jen, jenbarronYOGA

Let me help you balance!