perfect stocking stuffers!

i’ve been so busy crocheting away lately! but i’m super SUPER addicted and i’ve found that it’s a great meditation technique! which means you can have the perfect stocking stuffers for your loved ones!

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i’ve been making star and flower shaped scrubbies. these are perfect for your bathroom or your kitchen! they are 100% cotton and can easily be thrown in the washing machine for use for YEARS! (no joke, my mom still has dishcloths i made for her about 12 years ago.) i’ve got multiple colors and if i don’t have ready made ones that you love, i can make them for you! just u$3 each!

and i’ve got tough scrubbies too! they are cotton on one side and a fun scrubby yarn material on the other side. you can use these on those tough pots and pans OR on your dry skin (they work great on my legs-which i don’t take great care really, so they get a true workout!!). these are u$5!


and you can add some color to your kitchen cleaning routine with these fun dishcloths! price depends on size, either u$3, u$5 or u$10.

make-up removers

do you want to remove even more single use materials from your bathroom routine? you can use these cotton re-useable make-up removers! only u$1 each!!


ready to decorate for the holiday season? i’ve got star OR snowflake garlands for you to use! u$10 each!

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a journal entry: 1 dec 2009 world aids day!

boy have i been doing a terrible job of writing in my journal. but things are so boring – well to me anyway. but i’ll play a little catch up.

rainy season arrived. and i was sick of it about 2 days in. you complain about waiting for it, then you complain cause it won’t stop. it’s a lose, lose. it rained for a week straight before i texted kim that i couldn’t take it any more. she texted back, ‘i’m going to town tomorrow. i didn’t want to tell you.’ so i went to town on a saturday. everyone kept telling me that i wouldn’t find transport. but i did thanks to mr. banda. so me and kim hung out in town and then josh came with anna. she was really nice! she hid in the room a lot but you can’t really blame her in a house full of americans.

we had our last provincials. it was over and done before lunch time. most of it didn’t concern us and none of us really felt like complaining. then we cooked tacos for dinner.

next day was thanksgiving and we all went to the mission in kalomo. and it was amazing! i brought my computer so we got to watch season 6 of the office! the wedding was way better than i could ever hope they would make it! and we got to eat tons of american food. it was the best thanksgiving you could ever ask for in zambia! and to top it all off, they gave me and brittany (everyone else left by saturday) a ride all the way back to choma on sunday. all we had to do was go to church with them in nazilogo – deb’s old stompin’ grounds. we decided it was worth it for a free ride all the way to the house.

now i’m back in the village for a week. i’m going to be bouncing back and forth for this month before i head to america for christmas. i’m getting really excited for it. i’m still a bit nervous i won’t come back. but then last night as i was holding joy, i almost started crying because i knew i would have to leave him in a few months. so i want to come back so i can hang out with my kids for the last few months. and if i can remember that feeling, i know i’ll come back for the last few months of my service.

all the kids were dressed up yesterday because of polio. they all went to the clinic to get vaccinated against polio!

baby christa is 8.4 kgs. which is unheard of (typically) for a village baby. just goes to show what formula can do for a baby!

i woke up at 11.30 last night cause it was SO hot. i don’t think i was ever that hot all of hot season this year. it was crazy. but it looks like rain today and it is a bit cooler right now. i just wish the kids were around so we could color or something. i’ve had the whole morning to myself. which is, also, unheard of!

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in 19 days…

i’m leaving for australia!!!!!! and since i’m almost on my way back to the us so i can go to australia, i’m finally getting excited about it!

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for 3.5 years, i haven’t had full time, permanent employment (you know, the kind that usually gives you health insurance).

for the first year, I was fine just taking some much needed time to myself. after living and working overseas for 9 years, i needed a mental health break. i also needed to give myself time to adjust back to american life.

then i started to look for jobs.

i’ve applied for SO many. it is a frustrating process to say the least. many times a human being isn’t even receiving your application. an algorithm is reading it and then sending it to the top of a list if you have all the keywords it is told to search for. most of the time, you don’t even get a ‘thanks for applying’ message. your resume and cover letter are sent into the abyss, never to be heard from again.

and while i was doing that, i was also doing small bits and pieces for different people. and working a few part-time jobs here and there. and have now started my own business, which is currently moving very slowly. and this, i just recently learned, is why i don’t count in the numbers.

you see and hear about america’s lowest unemployment rate ever in the news. and for a very long time, i felt like i was doing things ‘wrong’ because i was trying so hard and nothing was happening and i kept wondering where these jobs were?! well, because i do work i’m not counted in these numbers. so while i am struggling to earn enough to cover my expenses, i’m not considered ‘unemployed.’

but i refuse to let the system defeat me!

i’ve still been applying to ‘traditional’ jobs (you know, the ones that usually offer you health insurance). i’ve also been working on getting a fivvr account up and running, working for a few small new businesses just an hour or two a day and crocheting like crazy! it’s tough, but i’m trying to make it all work!

if you know of anyone needing some online/digital support (either with social media, website or even personal assistant stuff), let me know! If you see a job posting that you think sounds like me, send it over! And if you need any crochet dishcloths, scrubbies or snowflake garlands, I’m your girl!

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a journal entry: 12 dec 2009

almost home for the christmas holiday! i can’t wait!! and i know that i’ll come back because, if all else, i’ll hang out with joy for the next 4 months.

i planted my flowers and garden so that’s exciting!

i just realized that sonia and alexa are the same age. only 4 days apart actually. the differences are so vast that i always just assumed alexa was closer to nchimunya!

my brain is all over the place. it’s making it too hard to write…

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a journal entry: 7 nov 2009

where did october go? seriously. well i made it 3 weeks in the village and am now back at it. i was in town to celebrate my birthday. it was good. i got to talk to mom and we ate pizza. then i just hung around because i couldn’t bring myself to go back to the village. but i had a good relaxing time so it was ok.

we had a HUGE goat for my birthday in the village. we all ate SO much. bamary made me cake and corn bread and jacqueline made goat pies. it was all delicious! it made me really sad that i will have to leave my second family. but it was also really happy and exciting. i also invited binashy and she brought me 5 eggs. which i was very excited about. all in all, a pretty great 25th birthday.

now i’m sweating waiting for the rain to come. it keeps thundering. and it’s humid. yesterday it rained on transport coming back home. it’s not a comforting thing when you look up and see lightning when you are driving in the middle of nowhere while riding in the back of a very metal truck. but it stopped raining before the mission and i didn’t have to walk home in the rain. which was really good!

me and kim went to tim’s village. he knows tonga! man. it was incredible. and his site is beautiful. really hilly, which proved to me how out of shape i am. but it was fun. we ate a lot of nshima and tim bought a turkey that we ate every meal. it was fun!!

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i’m waiting at the airport to get on my first of three flights to nigeria! why? because after months and months of preparations, the juliette low seminar is upon us!

for my non-guiding/girl scouting friends, juliette low started girl scouts in the united states over 100 years ago. in her honor, wagggs (the world association of girl guides and girl scouts) holds a leadership seminar for young women.

this year is even more exciting than a ‘regular’ jls. this year, they transformed 1 seminar into MANY seminars. we are spread around the world where over 700 young women will be attending!

apps are downloaded and ready!

and those 700 young women? they’ll be going home after the seminar and doing leadership activities with at least 100 girls. the effects of this 1 week will be felt for years to come!

i’ll be in nigeria!

i’ve never been, so it will also be a new country and experience for me! and we are delivering our seminar in french! (of which i know none!) we have 33 participants on our list, and hopefully they will all be able to attend!

i’m nervous, excited and will be challenged by not being in charge of logistics (of which i am usually in charge of!). i’m ready to meet young women from all over the world, learn their stories and hopefully motivate and empower them to go home and make a change in their own community.

join me during the SUMMER OF YOGA!

these snowflakes won’t make you cold

i’ve been having so much fun making these cute snowflake garlands! so i’ve decided to take orders! i’ll make and send the week of the 25th of november! (when i get back from nigeria, still plenty of time for you to decorate for the winter holiday!)

they are approximately 45 inches (114 cm) long (when laid flat), have 4 large and 5 small snowflakes attached. the cord also stretches to about 60 inches (152 cm)!

they are $10 each, plus shipping if i need to send them to you!

just send me an email with how many you would like and your address! if you have any questions, just ask!

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it’s official!


it’s been a busy, and slightly stressful, last few weeks. went to see dave mathews band with 2nd row seats! got a few job rejections. realized that i could be a virtual assistant! working on selling my handmade crochet items! been working hard to get things ready for jls! and turned 35!!

a lot of ups and downs, but i’m trying my best to stay positive that things will all work out! i really feel like things are just on the cusp of happening and i just need to wait for that tipping point!

and with a HUGE thanks to my parents, i’m able to go on the SUMMER OF YOGA!

the tickets are booked and i’ll be in tassie this australian summer! there is a lot to do before then, so i’m not super excited about things yet. BUT i have the tickets, visa and insurance. the rest i can worry about later!

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it’ll be an adventure for sure and one you won’t want to miss out on! (my parents are even thinking about coming for a visit!) for just us$10, you can join SUMMER OF YOGA in shavasana and get exclusive email updates!

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i’m a virtual assistant!

i’ve had a revelation today. i’m a virtual assistant.

i support small businesses with whatever they need. this ranges from writing social media and email content to website updates to creating workshop booklets. whatever a small business might need virtual support with, i’m there!

and you know what that’s called? A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT!! why didn’t i realize this before?!

i hope using this phrase to describe my work will bring me a few more clients! but before i apply for positions with people and companies that are new to me, i want to reach out to you! my friends, family and readers:

do you know of anyone who needs a virtual assistant?

it could be for a single project or a few hours a week or even full time! i’m open to any possibility! want to see more of what i’ve done? check my work page out!

please do get us in touch!