a journal entry: 6 march 2009

in my last journal entry, i learned that my host sister jacqueline was pregnant. and i had to leave my house in the village. it was tough. but then i went on vacation and forgot about my housing situation for a little while. in this journal entry, i’m now back in the village for a few days before going to lusaka, the capital city to see the peace corps doctors.


when i say i have bad allergies, it’s no joke. i have really serious environmental allergies. and it’s honestly a miracle that i survived peace corps zambia at all! i am allergic to everything that my house was made out of, literally. i am allergic to dirt, dust and grass. all things that are included in mud huts with grass thatch roofs!

as you can see in this post, i really thought i was going to be sent home because of my crazy awful out of control allergies! and while that would have been the easy option, and i did contemplate leaving many times, it wasn’t what i truly wanted.

so i stuck it out!

6 march 2009

wow! i haven’t journaled in what seems like forever. and i think that i will be retiring this journal after that!

came back from zanzibar, stayed in lusaka with joe and got to watch season 5 of the office! it was amazing and was really the bigger of the highlights of my trip. it’s SO good i can’t wait until i see the rest!

then i hosted 1st site visit! it was a lot of fun but they weren’t very talkative. plus i didn’t really want to be in the village, with jacqueline, and having to be fun and happy about being there. it sucked. i cried the first night in my bed. so i was really glad when deb came! then the second night i complained to her, and she complained to me, and we made it through.

on the last night of the site visit, we camped at my house in the village. we had a huge HUGE dinner, ate at my house with everyone, which was really nice. i really miss them. and celebrated my 1 year anniversary in zambia!

yup. i’ve been gone for one year. and it’s been up and down the whole time. although mostly ups than downs. but today it’s seeming more down. my allergies have been bad again. and they are making me go to lusaka on monday so they can see me on tuesday.

i’m really afraid that they are going to med sep (medically separate) me. and i don’t want that at all. even though i’m not liking the village all that much right now i don’t want to leave zambia. i’d rather stay in town as pcvl (peace corps volunteer leader) or move to livingstone and work as an extension volunteer. or even move to another country as a volunteer.

i just would be devastated if i had to be sent home because of my allergies.

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